Thursday, March 26, 2009


We went to Pacific City today.

As usual, I ended up sitting by Noah and Danny, which caused me to discover that his new iPod does keep him quiet enough when he's listening to it. There is a really big sand dune there, and there were a bunch of people on it today. The picture below is just a random one from the internet, I might upload some of the ones my dad took earlier.

We all climbed up the dune which at first glance didn't look that hard to climb. It was. Sand is not very good for traction, but at least its soft. Off to the left of the dune is a bunch of rocks that you can climb through. I did and Danny and Noah followed me. To get there we had to run down the other side of the dune which is shorter than the front (in the picture) and it was fun.

Once Danny, Noah, and I got back to the top of the dune, we sat there for about 15 minutes watching other people run down it. We eventually decided to run down. Noah went first, then I followed after about 5 seconds, then Danny about 5 seconds after me. Noah didn't try to go as fast as possible, which was probably a good idea. I did, and I might've succeeded if I'd taken off my shoes (none of us did). About 2/3 of the way down I realized I was going to have a lot of trouble stopping and as soon as I noticed that my shoe went sideways in the sand and I twisted my ankle then did a faceplant in the sand.

Noah reported that it looked 'very cool'. I remembered to close my eyes, but not my mouth, which was annoying. I still got to the bottom before Danny, who fell three times, each growing more spectacular. This was probably because after his first fall, he got sand in his eyes, then got back up right away and started running again. It might sound like I didn't like this, but it was fun to do. My ankle only started hurting after I got to the bottom. We had lunch at a local resturant, and got back home at around 7:30.

I'm still going to photoshop Gabe, I just haven't gotten around to it yet.
I find it amazing how much sand can get in my hair.


Teddy said...

So that's why your ankle was hurting... I've been to that beach though, it's cool. The restaurant next to the beach has really good clam chowder. =)

Teddy said...

I read Max!

Crazydrummer said...

omg best beach on the Oregon coast right there! ... and solely caues of the huge dune too. XD I love that place! We've gone a couple times with our cousins and its a blast! lol the way you told the story with Danny was really funny as well; wish I could've been there to see it. ;)

Teddy said...

Blog, people!